Tiger Woods & 6 Figure School Owners

I was listening to something yesterday that literally astounded me…

It was about Tiger Woods and his performance, on the GOLF COURSE that is!

We’ve heard all the jokes about his off course performance!

But seriously what I learn’t about Tiger Woods amazed me – he is pretty much a sporting Billionaire.

Well the guy ranked 200 places below Tiger averages just 2 shots per round more than Tiger – yet he earns just $30,000.

Just two shots….and the difference in their income and lifestyle is huge!

That got me thinking about all the school owners I have seen in my 20 years in the game.

Small shifts in performance really can make a huge difference.

Some School Owners are like Tiger Woods but most are like the 30k a year guy struggling along.

Allot of these schools teach very similar stuff but the REAL difference is how they structure their school.

This is a major factor and why they earn 10-100 times more than the average school owner.

It’s the way they structure their programs

What they charge…

How they Up sell and then…

Down sell to their students creates this massive difference in income and ultimately success.

Get this in place and life and business can be completely different.

If you are teaching just one program, one curriculum and one price (and only charge more if they train more) then chances are you’re not enjoying the Tiger Woods kind of performance or income, and why not, you’re good enough, you Can and for pretty much the same amount of effort.

If you want to dramatically change your performance and income with some simple changes my program Curriculum Pro shows you how to achieve this.

Curriculum Pro

Its a fact all top school owners teach mixed/multi style curriculums and have several upgrade programs in place which ensures they get well paid and keep students for years.  Lee shares his complete teaching system which enabled him to generate over $60k a month!

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