The Two Fundamentals Of A Successful School Owner

Why do some school owners always seem to be busy, work really hard but never seem to achieve what they deserve.

Well many years ago I was one of these persons until I realised I needed to improve the results I was getting from the effort I was putting in.

I found that I was putting too much of my time into tasks that had little effect on the results my school was producing.

To make it simple there are only two elements of your school you really have to think about, these are; retaining your existing members and finding new ones to grow, anything outside of this will simply have little effect on your business.

Its simple if you cant keep students you wont grow and if you cant attract new students you cant grow either.

So each day ask yourself what am I going to do to today to retain my members and what am I going to do today to find a new one, anything outside of these must be put to the back of the pile until you have done all activities that fall within the two areas above.

Yes you do have tasks that have to be done I hear you say!

Book keeping, tax returns etc but the key is to get these done after the two fundamentals; this requires some discipline and keeping a clear head on your part and not leaving these till the last minute so they become urgent!

So lets look at some of the activities which fall within the two areas starting with retention;

  • Planning your lessons, new drills, improving your curriculum, delivering fantastic classes
  • Tracking student attendance, calling students, sending postcards
  • Planning special events, notice board up to date, newsletter out on time
  • Ordering belts in time for presentations, retail equipment in on time
  • Keeping your facilities spotless, service calls to new enrolments, student survey
  • Following through on what you told a student you would do
  • Developing yourself by training, reading, networking and attending seminars


and secondly marketing;

  • Planning your marketing for the month or quarter, printing out posters and flyers
  • Managing your lead boxes, distributing flyers, putting up posters
  • Handing out trial passes, contacting old students and missed sales
  • Visiting schools to speak with a head teacher or to do a talk
  • Host a bring a friend event, free self defence clinic
  • Call students to arrange birthday parties
  • Teaching great classes to develop raving fans = more referrals

I am sure you can think of a lot more yourself to add to the lists. Some activities will work both areas which is even better for example hosting a referral event will not only excite your existing members but provide you with some new leads too, great use of your time!

This is a fundamental area to master unless you want to be a busy fool, who always feels they should get more reward for their hard work.

At the beginning of each day make at list and then prioritise, lets put it to the test for 30 days and commit to doing this daily and see what kind of results you achieve.

If you have a team of instructors and instructors in training, spend time coaching these people these important skills too.

A couple of programme I would highly recommend you purchasing are How to Master your Time by Brian Tracy and Put First Things First by Stephen Covey.


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