The Legalities of Self Defense

When it comes to self defense, there is one rule you should always keep in the back of your mind. This is that you are always required to use the most minimal level of force.

This should be determined by what you believe is reasonable and is necessary when it comes to resolving whatever situation you are in. The next question is what is considered to be the minimum level of force?

In short, if you can resolve the conflict with a push, don’t whip out a brick! If you can resolve it with a punch, you certainly should not bring out your knife. Although the minimum level of force will differ from one situation to the next, you are going to need to use good judgment to find that minimum!

The next question is what is reasonable?

Common sense should be used here. For example, you do not punch your child if they will not stop crying. This is not reasonable in anyway shape or form.

This brings us to what is necessary?

To answer this question consider if you must do this, is it your problem to fix, do you have the ability to leave and if so, should you? If a person is trying to bring harm to your spouse you will find it necessary to protect them, for example.

Another important component is to safely resolve the situation. In no way should self defense be a game or a contest! Sometimes a wrestling match will be the safest way to resolve an issue.

A police officer will do their best to ensure that they do not get hurt, but on that same note, they are dealing with people who are breaking the law. You on the other hand need to find the safest solution for everyone involved.

When all is said and done you will also be required to explain how you knew you were in danger. This all ties into intent.

Was someone going to destroy your property or kill another human being?

These are very good reasons of intent. Did someone threaten you?

You will need to be able to clearly explain why you felt threatened and how your actions were in self defense.

As we pointed out, each situation is different and with this, state laws also vary. In some states you can defend against your property, while others restrict self defense that is permissible.

There are various laws involving weapons such as firearms and so on, so get to know the laws where you live!

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