The Keys To Attracting New Students

Onto marketing, anyone who masters marketing unlocks the door to wealth.

Having a constant stream of new students is a nice problem to have right?

Like anything it requires effort, but basically you need ten methods of marketing working for you.  Otherwise you’re relying on too few methods to produce results month after month.

People need to see things seven times before they respond, so it’s about testing different methods on a small scale keeping the ones that work and discarding the methods that don’t.

Of all areas school owners struggle most it’s marketing and bringing in new students. This is the area they need most help with and this is an area we areleading experts in.

It’s important to not copy your competitors marketing because you assume its working, there are lots of advertising that does not work but people use them because they don’t know what else to do.

What you need to do is track your marketing results ‐ on a form each month write down each method of marketing and then the cost and then record where yourenquiry came from you can then calculate how much each enquiry cost you.

Now by doing this and you reach the end of the month and you can see which methods you NEED TO STOP and try something else.

For example

Newspaper ad – generates 4 leads @ 50 a lead

Leaflets – generates 10 leads @ 25 a lead

Website – generates 50 leads @ 5 a lead

So looking at the above it would be the newspaper ad that I would stop and try another 1‐2 methods and track the results, and keep working to get up to that magic number 10 and watch those enquiries come in, it’s simple!

Our member’s area is packed full of high quality customizable marketing designs,video seminars, tons of ideas and easy to implement low cost referral campaigns.

The only real thing that has changed in marketing is using the Internet to market your school, because nearly everyone uses the Internet now and it’s so low cost it cannot be ignored, luckily I am an Internet marketing expert (your reading this aren’t you!) so our members area will give you everything you need to make this often confusing area simple for you to understand and start reaping the rewards.

So what are you waiting for? Remember it’s about taking action that’s when things start happening; start making it happen today with our help.

The Martial Arts Internet
Marketing System

The internet is where school owners are getting the best results attracting new students, start generating lots of traffic to your website and enrol students without even leaving your dojo!

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