The Black Belt Dropout Syndrome

Its a nice problem to have losing Black Belts.


Well if your developing them your doing something right.

I was in the position 8-9 years ago.

I hated it, students working 3-4 years and then throwing it away.

I was losing them!

I had made massive improvements to my curriculum to get 10-20 students a year to Black Belt.

We where retaining a heck of a lot more students.

Standards had improved too.

So What Was Wrong?

Well firstly I needed to make sure my 2nd Dan Curriculum needed to be 10x more exciting than my 1st Dan Curriculum.

Something that my Brown belts could watch and be chomping at the bit to start learning.

So I did just that.

I put my strongest modules at the front end.

As soon as they got their Black Belt they where into it!

It was hard work.

I spent a lot the green stuff travelling and training to develop my Master Curriculum.

And you know what it was so worth it!

Because if I look back I think of my proudest memory…

It was teaching my Masters Class with 45 pumped up Black Belt students.

That was amazing gratification for me.

Lee Mainprize

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