Separating Self Protection From Martial Arts

Due to the dangers of engaging in hand-to-hand combat, we all probably think twice before getting involved in one. Many times, this can happen because the losses may outweigh the gains, even in the case of a victorious outcome.. With fighting we certianly won’t always have the ability to make a choice.. Sometimes, we will find ourselves in a situation where the only way out is to physically engage a perpetrator or an offender..

With those who have careers that are most susceptible to violence, such as the army or the police, they are taught to balance both brutal and composed approaches to control and resolve potentially physical encounters. Although these professional techniques have proved to be invaluable, they are actually not as helpful as the more diverse and noble skills that you are taught within the world of martial arts.

This is because martial arts takes these physical struggles and goes one step further by focusing on self-fulfilling, soul-searching and reactionary approaches. These skills are fulfilled through a combination of important and seemingly unrelated components, which can be summarized in: a- permanent physical conditioning and b- constant spiritual evolution.

Although the word “violence” is often seen as a term referring on most occasions to any rough act, it is actually way more complex than that. You are able to observe the umbrella concept when it comes to martial arts.. Under that umbrella you have parts broken down to cover an all sorts of sub-skills and mindsets, which make up a strategic matrix. The matrix covers a variety of sub-components ranging from self-defense, duels, sporting activities to assault, spiritual growth and fitness. Each element boasts a set of distinctive traits which characterize it.

Whereas self-defense focuses on the ability to respond and recover from the freeze of a surprising and wrongful attack, the goals of a duel are seen as a regulated and moral fight for honor. Sports, whether they are individual or involve a team, they are still competitive and based on pushing the body to its utmost limits in order to achieve the best results. Combat, on the other hand, is a collective and organized.

It has to do with warfare that is based off of minimizing disputes and obeying orders.. In assault, the frame of mind is more like a predator and relies on the element of surprise. Spiritual Growth revolves around the sometimes-rough overcoming of your inner fears and overcoming what you may be vulnerable to. Finally, fitness allows you to condition your body to decrease the possibilities of health failures.

The beauty of martial arts training lies in its equally diverse and all-inclusive nature. This allows you to cater to all the components of its strategic matrix by understanding the characteristics of each element. When it comes to how to learn self defense, it equips you with the necessary skills to overcome the flaws of each.

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