Self Protection Strategies

The goals of any physical encounter could vary based on the situation. Just because a strategy worked once does not mean it will help you win every time. Shouting for help is typically a first reaction when your life is at stake, other options may include fleeing or finding a sharp object. Adopting an open type of training is important so you can become more versatile.

Before going over the subject of strategy martial arts training, it is important to know the difference between a set of closely-related concepts. There are a few terms to explore which will help to clear up doubt which is important in development.

Goals are intended to happen; they are the aim, the purpose or the intended result of the clash. This may cover a wide range of options from preventing an offender from hurting you to not being killed.

Parameters, on the other hand, are the total opposite. These refer to the measures to be avoided while involved in a clash, like avoiding legal suits, not leaving anyone behind in a hostage scene, and not losing a weapon to an irresponsible perpetrator, among others.

The combination of goals and parameters is what allows strategies to be adopted. Strategies vary from hiding to fighting, running is also included. In martial arts, such as karate and Judo, however, the scope is narrower and revolves more around inflicting damage and disrupting balance respectively. Knowing how to use martial arts for self defense and nothing other than that is important.

In turn, each strategy and context prescribes a specific tactical approach to physical encounters. If strategies are detailed plans to achieve success, then tactics are used to make the plan possible. These may include the act of hitting with a stick, calling for help, watching for a distraction to run, etc. The final stage is the technique phase, which is set in motion by the tactics that are used. Techniques include faking left and running right while sprinting, dialing 911, or simply speaking loudly so as to be overheard.

A simple mistep can create a domino effect which can impact many areas. Therefore, one should try to understand how to learn martial arts and train for a number situations, goals and purposes. Too much focus on perfection in one aspect alone could be harmful to the martial artist.

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