Second Hand Skills

How dare he say “you can’t punch“.

I’d spent ten years in Karate and Kickboxing and competing at a high level!

This was my game!

That really hurt… but Andy Norman was right!

I had like many be learning second hand skills for years.

So I got a top boxing coach – he was proper old school, from a family of travellers that ran boxing booths in years gone by!

I trained twice a week 6am start for 3-4 years.

It was during this training that I began to question my training – and realised that the training I had received was amatuer training even though my Instructor was a world class light continuous fighter too!

It was second hand diluted skills….I mean why spend years learning to strike when someone could go into boxing and punch much better with much less training.

Watch K-1 you’ve got Karate, Muay Thai and other stylists competing…but they all punch the same way.

With Boxing techniques!

I was sparring last week at a local club….we did 40 minutes of body sparring.

I rendered almost all the fighters useless… how?

I got right up close giving my opponents only a few inches to punch.

The true test to see if someone can punch and generate force.

Most where helpless and I played with them!

This is the standard of most martial artists…they cannot punch.

Not even close to that of a boxer.

Its the truth sadly.

That’s why I was so glad I added boxing to my arsenal of skills.

And made sure the basics of proper body mechanics where taught to my students.

If you watch UFC you’ll have seen a few fighters recently, I am talking more specifically about Dos Santos and GSP.

Destroy their last opponents not with Muay Thai but superior Boxing.

When two fighters are equal in skills boxing is making the difference.

You’ll see in the next 12 months boxing becoming the next “quiver” of fighting skills for pro’s to get that all important edge.

Some food for thought….many of you will be in the same boat I was.

If so you’ll be asking yourself questions about your own skills and that of your students.

Like I did…and thats why I am delighted to have put together Lethal Fists with Lance Lewis….great for school owners to increase their skills and add boxing to their curriculum.

All school’s who are professional or aspire to be should be teaching their students boxing.

A longer email than usual..but this is something I am passionate about.

If your with me evolving and progressing the way we teach then take a look at Lance’s program, its pennies for the incredible skills Lance shares – he is the man!

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