Referral Marketing

Referrals should be your biggest source of prospects other than leads you generate yourself.

Referrals come from not just satisfied customers but raving fans, remember the last time you went to see a great movie, how many people did you tell to go and see that movie Right! Lots and lots. The same thing should happen with your students, the following factors will encourage your students to refer.

  • Exciting classes
  • Friendly & Courteous staff
  • Giving more than expected
  • Helping people achieve their goals
  • Incentives

3 of the best times to get referrals from your existing members

Upon Enrolement

Upon a new student’s enrolment (right after the paperwork is signed) you request three names and numbers of people to whom the new student would like to extend the VIP opportunity. Remember that you are not asking IF they know anyone, you are asking WHO they know.

After Testing

At your next testing, have each student bring a friend to watch him or her perform. Have a guest list for them to sign in and present each guest with a VIP pass after the event.

After Upgrading

When a student has upgraded to a higher level of training, tell them it is now their responsibility to sponsor a friend into the program. Have them fill out a VIP pass and return it to you on the spot.

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