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Business Samurai Inner Circle is a private group for school owners that are doing well but want to do better, learn all my battle tested strategies to go from good to great! including:

  • Profit generation strategies to ensure you get well paid and your bank account says “Success”
  • Advanced lead generation tactics so you never worry about where the next sign up is coming from.
  • Powerful and effective subconscious selling processes that turn prospects into paying students.
  • Business Systems for stress free operation and long term success
  • Retention tactics that keep paying students in your school for years instead of months
  • Look over my shoulder as I show you how its all done – no confusion or overwhelm
  • How to achieve and maintain success with my daily win system
  • Monthly live interactive training
  • Members only
  • Package shipped monthly
  • By application only
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MA IGNITION is a complete done for you profit and teaching solution:

  • How to create multiple income streams in your school for maximum profits (exact system I used to add $33,000 additional income a  month to my school)
  • How to create upgrade programs in your school to multiple your monthly tuition revenue.
  • Go from underpaid part-time teacher (in a job you hate) or running an average school to rewarding, and highly-paid career.
  • Become the #1 school in your area — the one people think of first when they want to enroll in a martial arts school.
  • Dramatically Increase Retention by teaching more belt groups at the same time…that’s the genius in my rotating curriculum.
  • Grow your martial arts school to whatever level you desire — and enjoy the benefits of a stable base of paying students who stay for years instead of months.
  • Offer exciting and really cool theme base martial arts training…so your students never have to think about training with the competition.
  • Increase your income….create an upgrade program or a new stand alone program to run alongside your existing classes without reducing standards or selling out!
  • Attract more new students by offering Mixed martial arts training.
  • Enjoy Faster Success… why waste years of trial and error when you can use a proven program that gets instant results.
  • A systemized curriculum will allow for quicker expansion and growth, and make it easier to train and develop new instructors.


MASS GENERATE is a 4 week course that shows you how to create a Facebook marketing campaign to generate tons of leads without spending a fortune:

  • Facebook advertising for non Facebook advertisers made easy – nothing complicated.
  • Watch over my shoulder as I show you how I created a Facebook campaign that generated over 300 leads for around 400 dollars advertising spend with 60 new sign ups. (over 1 million in sales generated)
  • How to create the right offer (bribe) that get’s people to take action
  • How to create a high converting optin page that get’s people to sign up for your offer (no fancy tech skills needed)
  • How to create Facebook ads that target the right people and get people to click.
  • How to split test your ads for maximum results
  • Most people respond between the 4-8 contact – I show you how to set this up so you convert your leads into appointments.
  • How to set up Facebook retargeting – a sneaky cheap way to increase your sign ups.
  • Includes landing page copy, advert copy and image examples, email scripts, text scripts, call setting script….literally the whole shebang!


MA CONVERT is a complete sales conversion done for you system:

  • Learn the biggest mistake most school owners make when enrolling, once you know how to avoid this you’ll instantly double your enrolments.
  • Find out why prospects hide the real reasons they make an appointment and how to uncover them – these are key to real enrolment success.
  • Be perceived as a partner or consultant not a sales person, who advises rather than attempts to sell a membership in the enrolment process.
  • Use my G-Wave system to get the prospect to sell to themselves, this is highly effective and very powerful, you wont find this in any other program.
  • How to create lots of value when you present your programs, so when you present the price people happily sign up.
  • The 4 most effective questions to use that will instantly increase your enrolment rate.
  • How to triple your referral rate within 2 weeks.
  • The 3 most essential skills you must master to become an enrolment expert.
  • How to quickly prevent and turn no shows into paying students.
  • Body language skills that will transform you into a great communicator.
  • What to do if someone says “no” or “I’d like to think about it” and more…
  • 3 step procedure that will help you retain more new students during the crucial first two months


MA UPGRADE is a complete upsell done for you system, so you can promote your students to higher value programs:

  • Learn how to transform your school into the Ultimate Black Belt School and develop classes full of high quality Black belts that drive your competitors insane with envy!
  • The 3 crucial steps you must follow to gain total commitment from your students, so when they set the goal of Black belt, they really set it in their heart and mind and follow through until they achieve it!
  • Follow this proven step by step system and upgrade 80% of your students to their next program with ease.
  • Use these 7 actions and you’ll turn unmotivated hard to teach students that usually quit in your school into grade A students in a matter of weeks that eventually become good Black belts.
  • Use this system to turn your school into a private educational facility with school, college and university style upgrade programs.
  • How to conduct an upgrade conference like a pro with total confidence where you expect almost everyone to upgrade, and they do!
  • How to create lots of value when you present your programs, so when you present the increased price students/parents happily upgrade.
  • The exact thing to say to a student and parent that instantly instills the belief that they can achieve Black belt, (never fake this) use this and you’ll triple your upgrade results immediately.
  • How to help each upgrade candidate set new powerful goals to further increase their passion and desire to achieve Black Belt.
  • How to dramatically increase your income with little or no extra effort.
  • How to make the Black belt program prestigious in your school, everyone will want to join
  • Be perceived as a partner or consultant not a sales person, who advises rather than attempts to sell an upgrade membership.
  • Includes videos, manuals, scripts, forms and certificates.


SUCCESS FOR LIFE is a complete done for you Children’s Character Education Programme:

  • Elevate your school as the #1 after school activity by teaching more than physical skills such as self confidence, self discipline, respect and concentration….
  • Instantly ensure your school stands out as the best for life skills training for children and give’s you an advantage over other schools.
  • Add’s instant value to what you already offer, you get to look more professional and be seen as an Educator rather than just an instructor.
  • The program will help increase enrolments for your school – parents will tell others parents about Success For Life training at your school.
  • Increase retention and dramatically reduce drop outs – parents won’t let their kids quit a program that teaches them life changing skills they can put to use in all areas of their lives.
  • Increase your sign up rate by showing parents the Success For Life program during your enrolment process.
  • You can increase your fees by becoming a centre of character development rather than just a standard physical skills martial arts club.
  • 12 modules includes weekly messages, student checklists and award certificates


BRIGHT KIDS is a complete done for you Animated Children’s Self Mastery Programme:

  • Engage and excite Digital Age students more effectively with visual learning.
  • Retain students by bringing Movie like excitment into your school – its what kids love best!
  • Impress the heck out of parents with your own powerfully positive educational TV channel in your school.
  • Be an innovator at the forefront of 21st century educational training.
  • Turn character development training into an adventure with quest challenges.
  • Animated Videos, Quest charts, award certificates