How To Tap Multiple Income Streams For Big Profits

It doesn’t matter what business you are in you must have multiple income streams.

Lets take mainstructor website as an example, I have around 16 products listed on their, now on a bad week I sell one of each that’s 16 sales which is still very good.

Now if I only had 1 product and that doesn’t sell in one week then thats no sales!

I run my martial arts school the same.

If you only take money from just tuition fees then thats it!.

But if you take income from multiple streams…

Joining fees
Tuition Fees
Grading Fees
Upgrade Fees
Equipment sales
Birthday Parties
Paid in Fulls
and so on…

Then each week your always going to take more sales because you have more streams pouring into the pot.

When you have this then you want multiple income streams from other business.

For example I have income from…

Lots of websites
3 offline businesses
Investment property

That way you have money coming in when your not working – which is working smart!

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