Learn How To Upgrade Students To New
Black Belt Programs and Beyond To
Create Highly Committed Members
While Dramatically Increasing Your Income 

This goes beyond being a sales system it is the very root and being of any
ultra successful martial arts school… this is the mother of all systems!

black belt club

It’s true some people talk down the upgrade concept, and I can understand why when some employ underhand tactics or unsustainable business practices, we all know the difference between what’s right and wrong.

So lets get that out of the way, this is not a quick fix solution this is a long term sustainable super success strategy.

Above all systems, I have developed, this system has had the biggest impact on my business by far, because it is the very foundation everything else is built on.

It’s simple to understand, you help many more of your students to achieve Black Belt and the benefits are massive including:

  • You keep students much much longer
  • More referrals from delighted customers which increases growth
  • You increase your income through less dropouts and increased tuition
  • Your local credibility increases through greater student success
  • You feel more fulfilled and successful in your career

Everything but everything becomes much easier in your business.

Most schools graduate maybe between 3-6 Black Belts a year.

As a school owner there is no prouder moment than awarding your students with a Black Belt.

It signifies many things, success for your student and your school.

Imagine if it were possible you could graduate many more students to Black Belt, without sacrifing standards – you would probably say yes right?

It would mean you would have more students and keep them longer, you’d feel more successful and you’d earn more too!

Imagine your school were a college for a second, and you where graded on how many students you progressed through to Black Belt?

black belt curriculumWhat percentage would it be?, how successful would you say you were?

Before you say “most people don’t have what it takes to achieve Black Belt in my school”

Let me tell you about my experience because I felt exactly the same many years ago, frustrated at the lack of staying power of students.

Even when I pumped my students full of motivation with high energy classes.

Even when I introduced the Black Belt Club concept and a nice coloured uniform.

Even when I called my school a “Black Belt School”

Guess what?

I was still not getting enough students to Black Belt, too many were not committed and dropped out and it frustrated the heck out of me!

Maybe you are experiencing this too?

All that energy and effort for measly returns of just half a dozen Black Belts.

So I decided to look deeper inside myself.

I made some changes to what I was doing and over time I could tell things were working for the better.

It was some 7 years later when it really hit me how significant these changes had been.

I was stood ready to teach my Masters Class
and lining up where over 40 Black Belts.

Teaching this class was an incredible feeling – everyone in the class felt it and it just inspired all my other students as they watched in awe.

This is incredibly powerful.

I will always be able to remember that feeling for the rest of my life “this is it, this is what I had worked so hard to achieve” I said to myself.

Here is the thing, while some schools decrease their standards to do this my students standards where on a completly different level to back when I graduated just a few Black Belts a year.

That’s what made me most proud and put a spring in my step each day!

I was helping my students become much more successful and because of this I was being rewarded earning 3-4 times more than before!

martial arts upgrade system

I had more ultra committed students that would not quit their goal of Black Belt.

My school had become renowned in the area for being outstanding – success breeds success!

Even if you have a good school your probably missing out on 2-3 crucial ingredients that can catapult you to  a whole new level of success.

You see although I was doing many things right – I was missing some key points that when added to what I was already doing took me from doing ok to good and then to GREAT!

It’s only when you apply a certain series of steps that you reach the tipping point and become the real deal as a Black Belt Success School.

I suppose that can seem kind of frustrating – but the good news is your probably not that far away from where I am now!

And that’s exactly why I am sharing these strategies in Upgrade Max, so school owners just like you can experience and achieve the same success as I have and help many more of your students achieve their goals.


Here are just some of the amazing things Upgrade Max can do for your school 


  • Learn how to transform your school into the Ultimate Black Belt School and develop classes full of high quality Black belts that drive your competitors insane with envy!
  • The 3 crucial steps you must follow to gain total commitment from your students, so when they set the goal of Black belt, they really set it in their heart and mind and follow through until they achieve it!
  • Follow this proven step by step system and upgrade 80% of your students to their next program with ease.
  • Use these 7 actions and you’ll turn unmotivated hard to teach students that usually quit in your school into grade A students in a matter of weeks that eventually become good Black belts.
  • Use this system to turn your school into a private educational facility with school, college and university style upgrade programs.
  • How to conduct an upgrade conference like a pro with total confidence where you expect almost everyone to upgrade, and they do!
  • How to create lots of value when you present your programs, so when you present the increased price students/parents happily upgrade.
  • The exact thing to say to a student and parent that instantly instills the belief that they can achieve Black belt, (never fake this) use this and you’ll triple your upgrade results immediately.
  • How to help each upgrade candidate set new powerful goals to further increase their passion and desire to achieve Black Belt.
  • How to dramatically increase your income with little or no extra effort.
  • How to make the Black belt program prestigious in your school, everyone will want to join
  • Be perceived as a partner or consultant not a sales person, who advises rather than attempts to sell an upgrade membership.
“I was surprised at the content and the information on hand. Try it and you will be hooked as am I.”
Chris Lawn – Dragon Martial Arts Academy
Here are just some of the powerful
Upgrade Max features


8 Upgrade Max Video’s
These video’s go into great detail uncovering the art of becoming an upgrade expert, once you’ve been through these video’s you’ll instantly feel more confident about taking your students to the next level and achieve greater results!


Upgrade Max Student Certificates
These certificates are completely customizable and play an integral part in this system, guiding more students to the coveted grade of Black Belt.


Upgrade Max Conference Sheet
This quick guide sheet is all you need to take into your upgrade conference to know what to do to achieve the results you want!


Upgrade Max Audio Files
Get all the video  files as mp3 files so you can listen to these powerful strategies where ever you are.

Upgrade Max Manual

The keys to success, this manual covers everything in exact step by step actions, what to do, what to say to become an upgrade master and effortlessly take students to their next level program.


Upgrade Max Scripts
Word for word exactly what to say and how to say it – all you have to do is deliver to achieve amazing results with ease.


Upgrade Max Tracking Forms
This form helps you monitor your progress  and results like a pilot in his cockpit – guiding you to better results.


Upgrade Max Student Progress Chart
This is a great tool that will help you develop many more Black Belts and retain more students – when applied you can expect impressive results

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“I started teaching shotokan part-time in 1969, turned pro with a full-time dojo in 1980 using other martial arts business associations. Teamed up with you guys recently and think you are the best.”
Jim Fraser - Ancrum Karate
“There are plenty of new ideas for growing your school and taking it to the next level.”
Tony Davis - Total Dojo

black belt school system

I’d wasted years missing out on having a great school and I don’t want you to keep making the same mistakes that I did!

Even if you have a good school and your happy but not satisfied – let me help your school become a great school!

This system will help create more Black Belts, keep more students and sky rocket your results from the very start.

You’ll be able to use this system to keep students for years and have the pleasure of seeing them succeed and achieve Black Belt and more.

I fully expect you to make your investment back within 30 days and significantly increase your income.

If you want to unlock the door to total success – a school and a career you can be proud of then Upgrade Max will deliver.





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  • Upgrade MaX 8 Audio Files
  • Upgrade MaX Student Progress Chart
  • Upgrade MaX Tracking Form
  • Upgrade MaX Scripts
  • Upgrade MaX Quick Guide Conference Sheet

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