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Leaving The Doors Of Your School And Never Worry Again About
Where Your Next New Students Are Coming From!
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Here Are Some Of The Amazing Things My System Can Do For You

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  • Get rid of expensive, flat out waste of time marketing activities.
  • Get 10-15 new paying students every month from the internet for less than $20.
  • Put your marketing on auto pilot and watch the new enquiries roll in without leaving your school!
  • Remove frustration and worry thinking about where the next new students are coming from.
  • Reduce your marketing costs and put more cash in your pocket.
  • Feel more in control and enjoy your teaching more.
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The Martial Arts Internet marketing system is an easy to follow marketing strategy specifically designed for school owners that want to tap into the power of the internet and create a systemized marketing campaign that generates 10-15 new students every single month.

If your like me you’ll remember when we could sign 20-30 students from just one advert.  It was so easy back then, but as the years rolled on responses got less and less, until you just couldn’t get a return on your investment.

You’ve probably found the same thing,  I tried lots of other methods with varying degrees of success… Leaflet distribution,  Lead boxes, Vip-ing, Referral promotions, you name it I’ve done it!

It wasn’t until I discovered how to harness the power of the internet…that I finally achieved consistent guaranteed results every single month…I’ve never looked back since or ever worried about where the next new students are coming from….and that’s why I am sharing this with you today.

Its not the strongest martial arts school owners that survive and thrive, its the ones that can ADAPT and the Internet is what all the top school owners have adapted to, and now its your turn!

[testimonial2 author=”Colin Lyon – Colin Lyon Black Belt Acadaemy ” + pic=””]“I followed everything with the Internet marketing system and must say I’m very impressed. I’m totally dominating the searches in my area!  As a result I’m seeing new students every night with membership well over a 100 now!”[/testimonial2]

That’s When I Discovered A Gold Mine For My School

martial arts internet marketingAround 6-7 years ago I really started to get into marketing my school online.  After a couple of years of mistakes, I finally figured out how to completely dominate the search engine traffic in my areas for people searching for martial arts on Google and Yahoo.

But not just martial arts, lots of other keywords that people would type in to find classes.  As time went buy I saw the traffic to my website increase dramatically, especially in the last 12 months.

That’s because more and more people are using the internet to find local businesses.

Infact I did some research and discovered that around 3 out of 6 searches are local.  That means up to 50% of searches are for local businesses, like martial arts classes.

Everybody uses the internet today and I can say with certainty that this figure is only going to increase!

Which means if you’re not dominating the internet in your area someone else will sooner or later.

And they’re going to make a killing.  It is a Gold Mine waiting to be tapped into and…

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martial arts website marketing

It’s Basically Free Marketing….And It Works Every Month.

With my system you spend a couple of hours a week of your time.  Or have one of your staff do it if you don’t have the time, that’s all.
You’ll need to do this for around 6-8 weeks.  You’ll then be able to sit back…and enjoy the results month after month.

What other form of marketing does this?

You see once you have got your site to the #1 slot on Google for each of the 16 or so keywords I recommend…’s going to take   another School Owner a lot to out rank you.


You too will start to see your traffic increase and your leads.

And more leads = More New Students

At least 10-15  new students a month is what you’ll achieve with my system.

It truly is the most effective fool proof marketing system I have ever come across.

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You Don’t Need To Be A Techie To Enjoy These Results

Many School Owners are missing out on these easy marketing results because they think you have to be techie with special skills or some kind of geeky nerd to do this.

Let me tell you…if an extremely easily distracted, short concentration, zero patience kind of School Owner like me can do it…..then so can you for sure!

You see I break it down into easy to follow videos that show you exactly what to do and how to do it. It’s completely turnkey…. ABC simple!

And just imagine when you have taken most of the hassle, frustration and quite frankly energy zapping low results away from new student recruitment.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t get on this earlier.

[testimonial1_arial author=”Charles Darwin”]“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”[/testimonial1_arial]


It’s Important To Act Quickly…..
To Get Ahead Of The Competition.

internet marketing martial artsHardly any School Owners are internet marketing savvy, not like I show you.  Which is why this is a great opportunity now.

Chances are it’s going to be pretty easy for you to dominate the internet in your area.

In fact you’ll probably have the #1 slots in less than 30 days for some of your keywords.  But more and more School Owners are going to be turning to internet marketing.

And it will get more and more competitive in the future to get the top slots.  But today the competition is going to be pretty weak.

Which is why it is going to be much easier for you to enjoy the results.  If you want to generate 10-15 new students every month at no-risk and no-cost then get started today.


[testimonial1_arial author=”Jason Murray”]“You’ve done your homework on all this stuff, and its good your share it,  I’m at the top of Google, your product has paid for itself many times over”[/testimonial1_arial]


The Internet Marketing System


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So what are you waiting for? Take action now and get access to Internet Marketing System
for the special price of only $97! (One Time Payment) (Available for a limited time only!)

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  • 5 Levels of Internet Marketing Training Videos
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  • Bonus #2: 12 Steps to Foolproof Sales Copy
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  • Bonus #4: My Secret List
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