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*Kids Auto Responder 10 Emails Pack

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[features_box_grey width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Here’s a short sample from one of the emails.

Lessons Kids Don’t Learn In School…

Everyday parents send kids off to school to prepare them for life as an adult.

But, there are some VERY important life lessons that simply can’t be taught in the classroom.

For example…

Focus and concentration… Just because you tell a child to sit down and “focus” doesn’t mean they can do it. Schools are noisy and full of distractions making it tough for anyone, much less a child, to sit down and actually focus.

So how can you teach focus and concentration?

I personally don’t know of a better way than martial arts.

When a student is learning a new technique or training for their next belt, there’s a level of intensity and focus in their eyes that I’ve never seen elsewhere.

And when they make a breakthrough and achieve a new goal, the confidence and self-discipline that instills is something I firmly believe can’t be taught in a classroom setting.

It’s a completely different approach to learning…[/features_box_grey]

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    Please note you’ll receive 20 emails scripts in total, you’ll need some software to deliver your emails and manage your database. There are free options that will do this such as wordpress plugins and their are also paid email management services.

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