“Finally… A Proven Professional Teaching System That Unlocks The Door To Creating A Highly Successful 6 Figure  School That You Can Be Proud Of , Keep Students For Years
Instead Of Months And Much More!”

Curriculum Pro is a revolutionary new multi style teaching curriculum that enables you to grow your martial arts school to whatever size you desire, keep your school packed with a stable base of paying students even if you have less than 50 students today.

You don’t need to be an amazing martial artist or business genius to build a highly successful martial arts school, you just need to follow what the top school owners are doing.  And it’s a fact they are all teaching Mixed Martial Arts or Multi Style Systems.

“I was able to use the curriculum to set up a very profitable separate private club, safe in the knowledge that what was being demonstrated would work”
Steve Tempest - Shim Jang Taekwondo

A Killer Curriculum That Attracts
And Retains Students Fast

Having the right curriculum material is the most crucial element of any successful martial arts business…it’s your product and what keeps students in your school.

Using a multi or mixed style rotating martial arts curriculum has proven to be the most effective way to grow a martial arts school.  All the top “A” list school owners operate their schools this way.

The process is simple, you have several programs set up that take your students through their martial journey.

A student joins on a beginner program and goes through the foundation skills training and then joins the next program which is typically called “Black Belt Club” or “Leadership Club”.  Where you would offer more exciting theme based martial arts training in a multitude of styles and disciplines, and that’s what Curriculum Pro does!

This gives the students access to lots of exciting, effective training that enables them to develop into more well rounded martial artists.  And in today’s world people want information fast with progress to match, it’s important that we deliver our curriculum in this style for maximum retention and results, importantly without reducing or sacrificing standards.

What this actually achieves is improved quality and standards with many more students achieving success, instead of dropping out!   This system motivates rather than discourages by its design.

Every one of the 12 levels of training featured in Curriculum Pro has been tested and optimized over a number of years for maximum results, meaning you can be sure you’ll be using a proven system that will sky rocket your results right from the start!



Here Are Just Some of The Amazing Things
Curriculum Pro Can Do For You….

  • Go from underpaid part-time teacher (in a job you hate) or running an average school to rewarding, and highly-paid career.
  • Become the #1 school in your area — the one people think of first when they want to enroll in a martial arts school.
  • Dramatically Increase Retention by teaching more belt groups at the same time…that’s the genius in my rotating curriculum.
  • Grow your martial arts school to whatever level you desire — and enjoy the benefits of a stable base of paying students who stay for years instead of months.
  • Offer exciting and really cool theme base martial arts training…so your students never have to think about training with the competition.
  • Increase your income….create an upgrade program or a new stand alone program to run alongside your existing classes without reducing standards or selling out!
  • Attract more new students by offering Mixed martial arts training.
  • Enjoy Faster Success… why waste years of trial and error when you can use a proven program that gets instant results.
  • A systemized curriculum will allow for quicker expansion and growth, and make it easier to train and develop new instructors.


“At south Tyneside martial arts we have applied a lot of Mr Mainprize’s training techniques to are syllabus with very good results and the students love them, my school has doubled, thanks Lee!”
Keith Middleton - South Tyneside Martial Arts


12 Levels of Awesome Theme Based Training

Curriculum Pro features the perfect blend of Thai Kickboxing, Grappling, Sport Karate, Street Defense, Weapons Training, Classical Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts and much more, students cannot get enough of this exciting, highly motivational training. (works great with Kids too!)

Time Saving Curriculum Wall Charts

These curriculum wall charts map everything out for you, what to teach each week and month.  They save you an incredible amount of time – all you need to do is look at the chart which tells you what to teach, then just watch the video for that section and you’ve got your lesson plan completely covered, it’s that easy!

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum manual will become your teaching bible – not only does it show you exactly how to integrate Curriculum Pro into your school and launch for great results.   There is a multitude of timetable examples that will show you how to maximize your time.  It’s also packed with great coaching tips that will help you and your team become even better coaches.

martial arts curriculum

Create A Successful School Packed
With Paying Students

  • Bonus: Triple Your Profits Manual Learn the secrets to best structure your school to create a six figure income, learn step by stepexactly how the top school owners do this.
  • Retain more students and learn how to literally super glue students to your school.
  • Create a new highly profitable mixed martial arts program.
  • Retain your advanced students with Curriculum Pro’s theme based training.
  • Make life simpler and increase your quality of life…. free up more time to focus on core activities for greater success.
  • Learn how I made one simple change to my belt ranking system and increased student retention by 20%.
  • Increase the sale value of your school, if you ever choose to retire, by having a detailed and systemized curriculum.
  • Don’t Have The Time?…. Offer regular monthly income generating courses instead of running permanent weekly classes.
“There has been a dramatic improvements in my school since implementing your curriculum, within less than 30 days I have seen a real difference in the students excitment, it was easy to add to my school, I must tell you this is really good stuff, I LOVE IT! .”
Neil Horsman - Personal Power Martial Arts

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  • 12 Curriculum Pro DVDs – packed with over 3 years of teaching material (instantly downloadable plus receive a hard copy on disc too)
  • Curriculum Wall Charts
  • School Owner Curriculum Manual
  • Bonus Manual – Triple Your Profits
  • I understand with Curriculum Pro I’ll be able to grow my school to whatever level I desire, increase my income and retain students better than ever.



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