How To Enrole New Students

Having an enrolment process in place will ensure you enroll new students consistently every single month.

So let me walk you through the basic outline of how the enrolment process system works successfully.

The Enrolment Process Step 1: Info Call/Walk In

Here you want to give little information; you can’t sell your program over the phone, focus on the persons goals, be friendly and professional and above all get the appointment. See Telephone procedures & walk in script.

Step 2: Appointment Confirmation

To increase your show ratio by up to 50% you must confirm your appointment,professional’s day before & day of.

The purpose is not to ask if they are still coming, the purpose is to show how professional & friendly you are and develop some more rapport before you meet.

Step 3: Meet & Greet

Crucial they say first impressions count and they are right! Create a friendlyand professional impression, make the person feel at ease and start developing rapport. Practice your greeting & handshake until you are a master.

Step 4: Consultation

This stage is all about the customer; this is where you become the consultant you ask question to find out about why the customer is here and what their goals are. This is where you build trust and credibility.

Option ‐ Introductory Lesson

At this point you could conduct a 10 minute introductory lesson or you have them join in the class if you are the only instructor and have limited time.

Step 5: The Tour

Show the customer around the school, make the tour specific to the persons needs and point out facilities and why they are a benefit.

Step 6: Presenting The Program

This is where you review the customer goals, and then match their goals withyour program and explain how it can help them achieve their goals.

You can go through the program details and costs and ask which option they would prefer,as opposed to would you like to join!

If you have built enough trust and credibility and shown the person how their goals can be achieved this stage is easy.

Step 7: Enrolling The Student

This is where you wrap up the paperwork, collect any fees, give out memberpacks and set their classes.

Step 9: Follow Up

This is often the most overlooked area of any business, and crucial indeveloping a long term student and future business from them. Wrap them up in cotton wool until they achieve their first belt, service calls progress reviews and lots of encouragement will ensure your school continues to grow.

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