How to not sell a martial arts membership!

Imagine if this happened to you, how would you feel?

You go for your doctors appointment but something is different!

The doctor shows you round the hospital, shows you the medicine cabinet assuming you’re interested, talks you through all the equipment and procedures then asks you to bend over so he can stick a needle up your backside!

Not even bothering to ask you, the patient, what is wrong, so he can then prescribe a cure. Guess what, this is what happens in some martial arts schools.

We must not assume people are interested in what you are passionate about or indeed what people are interested in; most people start martial arts to loose weight, get fitter, and improve their confidence and not necessarily to learn martial arts.

Finding out what the prospective student wants by asking questions is very important. Once who have found out what the person wants to achieve all you have to do is show them our programs can definitely help them.

But if you don’t develop a great level of rapport they won’t tell you the real reasons!

Its crucial in today’s tough times you also understand the skill of how to create lots of value so when you present the price it far outweighs the cost!

Once they have joined then you can begin to show them all the many skills you offer and start to develop their passion and understanding.

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