How To Magnetically Attract Students And Fill Your School

Lets start with how to not sell first shall we.

Sound good?

Kind of reverse engineer things.


It’s Not About You

Have you heard the phrase “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”

They don’t care about how many degree’s you have.

How many bricks you can break with your head.

How many people you could kill with your little finger.

They care about them.

As we kind of all think we are numero uno in our own world right.

Make sense?


It’s Not About Why They Should

You could tell them the reasons why they should learn self defence.

And they might be receptive.

Or why they should get fit and healthy.

And they might listen a little.

But what they only really care about….

Results! THEM!

We need to understand the Before.

This is where they are now.

And the After.

Where they want to be.

And talk to them about this.

So You Can….

Use this language and talk in a transformational sense.

It’s not about the features of your school or the style you teach!

It’s about where they can go by joining your school.

Getting them to see in their mind what this transformation and the results feel like.

When you can communicate this to your prospects then they will jump aboard literally!

Woman’s body before and after a diet

It”s Been Emotional

Purchasing something is never logical its always emotional.

Like I said stay away from the features and benefits of your school.

And stick to the Transformation of your prospects.

Use the words so you can…

On your website.

On your marketing material.

And in person when talking to anyone about your school.

What Are You Selling Anyway?

Are you selling martial arts or self defence?

Or are you selling peak mental and physical performance through martial arts!

Which sounds better?

Who is interested in martial arts – some people yep!

But how many are interested in…..

losing weight?

increasing self confidence?

increasing energy and wellness?

Increasing little Jonnies concentration and discipline?

Almost everyone.

So There We Have It

So are we on the same page now?

We make it about them

We make it about transformation.

Taking them from the Before and to the After stage.

This is how we influence people to take action on making positive change in their life.

With your help :-}

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