How To Explain The Benefits Of Martial Arts Training

To be an enrolment expert we need to be able to clearly explain the benefits of the martial arts and how the martial arts helps improve qualities such as Self Confidence.

Below is a common list of benefits and explanations for each. Practice using these until you have memorized and are able to deliver them like a true professional!

Self Confidence
Martial Arts is great for improving self confidence, this happens through two areas, as students progress through the belt ranks their belief and confidence grows, competency breeds confidence. Also by learning to defend themselves they feel more secure which greatly improves self confidence.

Martial Arts is a great way to improve your fitness, working every muscle in your body, punching is great for your arms backs and Shoulders, kicking is great for toning and strengthening the backs and fronts of your legs, and your bum too.

Lose Weight
Martial Arts can burn up to 800 calories per hour that’s double most other types of exercise, this is why people choose martial arts to lose weight.

the 1st area we work on with any child is the ability to focus, after all if they cant concentrate they won’t be able to learn. We start by teaching the 3 rules of concentration focus your eyes, focus your mind, and focus your body this will greatly improve your childs focus and concentration.

students learn to get respect by giving respect and treating other people the way we want to be treated, and to respect Parents and teachers most of all.

Self Control
we teach students to develop control over their bodies through exercises in class, once they learn to control their body the mind follows, so when they get angry and want to react self control will stop them..

Improve other Sports
we work a lot on developing speed, power, timing, flexibility and co-ordination in our classes these skills are obviously important in any sport.

Self Discipline
– we instill in children the attitude of knowing what to do and going right ahead and doing it without being told. Like cleaning their room, homework, and practicing their martial arts, it’s just like a muscle the more it’s used the bigger it gets.

Self Defence
we teach don’t just teach the physical techniques of self defence, we also teach the attitude of self defence, awareness and being able to spot potentially dangerous situations before they occur.

Prevent Bullying
lots of parents have enrolled their children for the same reason, we teach children how to give out the right signals to the bully, we teach them the correct body language to enable them to express themselves in a confident way, as well as lots of physical and mental tactics.

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