The Must Have Strategy Used By All Top Schools Owners

Once a beginner student enrolls on your program, from day one you should be building them into a Black Belt, to do this there are two areas we focus on, the first is the martial arts techniques (kicks, punches, forms etc) this is easy to teach someone, the second are the attitude or behaviours which are the hardest part of building a black belt.

The attitude to do the following:

Have consistent attendance
Be persistent to achieve your goals
Put in your best efforts at all times
Develop spirit and intensity

You cannot take it for granted students know where they are going, you as their mentor must constantly paint the picture of where you are taking them, so that they won’t lose sight of their goals easily and stick to their training.

Remember only 5% of people know where they are going, 10% of people would like to know where they are going, and 85% of people don’t have a clue where they are going, you as their Instructor must help them set the goal of Black Belt through your influence.

Upgrading is a major part of your schools success, for the following reasons:-

You are running a Black Belt School, this is your schools purpose and therefore we must upgrade people to help them achieve the goal of Black Belt, we can only class ourselves as successful by promoting lots of high quality Black Belts.

By helping people commit to achieving the goal of Black Belt they will have a much higher chance of achieving it

Upgrading students retains them in your school, just like a new car, after a while we can get bored and want something new

By helping people achieve Black Belt you help them achieve all their goals and more including fitness, self defence and confidence.

Upgrading students will increase school revenue through increased tuition and pro-shop sales.

The longer people are left not to upgrade the less you are helping them achieve the goal of Black Belt, a student will not wait to complete their A levels before deciding to go to university, if they did hardly anybody would end up going, of course this is decided way before completing their A levels, treat your beginner students the same way to help them commit early.

This does not mean we upgrade anyone who is willing to pay, to be promoted into a higher program it must be earned by showing the required consistency, attitude and commitment to achieve Black Belt.

MA IGNITION gives you everything you need to create your own programs so you can increase the success of your school by helping many more of your students achieve Black Belt and beyond – keeping them for years instead of months.

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