How to Create Enthusiasm in Your Classes

The most important factor that will affect your students enthusiasm in each class will relate to your given attitude on that day.

Each class you teach will influence whether your students will be one step closer to black belt or closer to quitting, you would be surprised how many students are on the fence so to speak.

You can’t tell someone to be enthusiastic but you can influence them, enthusiasm isn’t taught it’s caught, be infectious.

Treat each class as if it is the most important class you’ll ever teach, whether your tired, have personal challenges, have a small class or it’s the last class of the evening and your tempted to just put half an effort in to it.

Self Discipline is doing the things that we don’t always feel like doing, as an instructor its impossible to always be full of energy and enthusiasm, its these times that define our success and character, be like an actor giving a performance and treat every class like its your most important, remember your only as good as your last class!

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