How to create a Luxury Dojo

Here are some tips to create a luxury Dojo so when people walk into your school they are literally blown away by the QUALITY – it’s where quality people want to train and these are the type of people where money is less of a factor!

I enjoyed 100% sign up rate for my first week last week with everyone paying up front for the program!

With no real marketing yet!

My Dojo is a big part of this… I am too of course!!!

As is my Enrolment Max system… plug plug!

A modern, clean very cool state of the art facility is what people want.

It’s the little quality touches that make ALL the difference.

Here is a few tips to create your own luxury Dojo!
  • Go for strong contemporary branding and colours – modern and clean.
  • Ensure your Dojo is consistently decked out in these colours.
  • Be different to other schools – I went for a quality luxury feel I avoided run of the mill colours most schools choose!
  • Little touches of quality make all the difference – knowing how to put things together helps to create the right image and feel.
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I take you on a tour and share all my secrets for creating a high quality Dojo that the competition cannot match!

Everything is relatively low cost including…

How to create a $2000 looking reception desk for just $200!

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