How To Conduct A Mass Enrolment Event

Have you ever conducted a mass enrolment event?

These can work very well for launching a new school and also open day events.

I’ve signed up 76 students on a launch night with a mass enrolment event, it was crazy!

Where NOT talking pay per lesson here – proper agreements with a high monthly tuition fee.


You need to be very confident in your sales ability to work one of these.

I’ve seen a few people die on their feet attempting these!

People get swayed by the crowd so if you lose them, many will follow.

But if you generate excitement present the benefits of what you offer and deliver a really attractive offer people will enroll in a stampede!

A few things you need to do.

Put together a great offer – free uniform etc only tonight.

Plus “I am so confident of my results I am going to give everyone a 30 money back guarantee and you can keep the uniform too”….

You need a 2-3 people  helping with paperwork and to ready to answer questions.

If you want to know exactly what to teach on a mass enrolment or even just a trial lesson – Enrolment Max lays it all out – and will give YOU the sales skills to deliver results you never thought currently possible!

Work Smarter

Lee Mainprize

P.S. Systems are the bedrock to any school owners success without them you can forget it, thats why Enrolment Max is essential for your ma biz success
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