Learn How Blogging Can Grow Your Martial Arts Business

martial arts marketing blogBlogs today have become a way for people to share their thoughts, experiences or ideas with customers and potential customers.  Blogs are a powerful way for businesses to communicate with their customers or readers in a more personal way.

This is why many business owners choose to create a blog. Here are 9 reasons why it is very important to have a blog for your business:

  1. Gives a human touch to business
  2. Provides valuable and free information to your target audience (know, like & trust factor)
  3. Positions you as an expert in your field
  4. Helps promote your brand
  5. Helps sell your martial arts programs
  6. Blogs can get a lot of traffic from search engines and other websites.
  7. Search engines love fresh content, writing and creating content for a specific niche, you could rank on the first pages of the search engines for free. This means more exposure for your blog and your business.
  8. People love blogs. They are looking for content that can help them solve a problem. Be sure to help your readers or educate them in a specific subject, and that will get you more traffic.
  9. Blogs are interactive. When you create posts, your readers can comment on them. This becomes a social proof that your blog is interesting and popular.

Introducing the Professional School Owner
Blogging Marketing Kit

In this kit you will receive 10 blogging articles which you can post on your blog, these have all been written by a professional writer.

We have taken care of everything all you have to do is post them on your site and share them with your:-

  • Facebook Group then have people then share your blog posts to their friends.
  • Email database to get them revisiting your site.
  • Feature your articles on other local websites.

martial arts blogging marketing

Here is a list of the articles you’ll receive in your blogging marketing kit.

  • Signs of Low Self Esteem In Children
  • The Importance of Self Esteem In Children
  • How to Strengthen Your Child’s Self Esteem
  • How To Improve Your Child’s Concentration
  • Ten Tips On Increasing Your Child’s Success
  • How To Stop Back Talk From Your Child
  • How To Teach Respect To Children
  • Teaching Children To Do The Right Thing
  • Teaching Kids How To Build Healthy Friendships
  • Being A Role Model To Our Children


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