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[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#7d6e30″]Learn How To Effortlessly Turn 8 out of 10
Appointments into New Paying Students…[/headline_arial_large_centered] [headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Without YOU feeling like you are selling
and without the prospect feeling like they are being SOLD![/headline_arial_small_centered]

You could call it the art of selling without selling!

To grow and run a successful martial arts school you have to enroll new students and retain them.

If you do not have a top notch enrolment process your school will not enroll as many new students as it should.

And that means a lack of growth and reduced income, which is a huge opportunity begging to be maximized!

For many, sales is a dirty word that can be associated with fast talking unethical sales people that say anything to get a sale!

This is bad and it will only work in the short term.

Sales do not need to be this way!

It can be fun and fulfilling.

When done the right way.

If you would like to enroll more members?

In a totally professional and ethical way that generates an 80% sign up rate then stick with me!

Do you approach enrolments with total confidence?

Maybe you feel a little anxious when you ask them if they would like to join and they may say NO?

enrolment maxx

Or worse still they leave with “I’d like to think about it” when really they mean something else and you never hear from them again?

Does this make you feel frustrated, I know how that feels I’ve been there!

It’s a pain and a real drain when you don’t get people to enroll, especially when you know the benefits of what you offer are so great!

Even if you are happy with your conversion rate, I can help you increase your enrolment results and I can do it fast!

If would like to enroll more members and produce greater results without having to work harder then keep reading.

I can help you develop the kind of confidence where you EXPECT everyone to enroll in your program and realistically CONVERT  80% of potential new students into actual paying students.

People with good sales skills are not born they are developed and that’s why I created Enrolment MaX to help school owners all over the world become experts and enroll more new members.

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Here Are Some Of The Amazing Things Contained in Enrolment MaX

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  • Learn the biggest mistake most school owners make when enrolling, once you know how to avoid this you’ll instantly double your enrolments.
  • Find out why prospects hide the real reasons they make an appointment and how to uncover them – these are key to real enrolment success.
  • Be perceived as a partner or consultant not a sales person, who advises rather than attempts to sell a membership in the enrolment process.
  • Use my G-Wave system to get the prospect to sell to themselves, this is highly effective and very powerful, you wont find this in any other program.
  • How to create lots of value when you present your programs, so when you present the price people happily sign up.
  • The 4 most effective questions to use that will instantly increase your enrolment rate.
  • How to triple your referral rate within 2 weeks.
  • The 3 most essential skills you must master to become an enrolment expert.
  • How to quickly prevent and turn no shows into paying students.
  • Body language skills that will transform you into a great communicator.
  • What to do if someone says “no” or “I’d like to think about it” and more…
  • 3 step procedure that will help you retain more new students during the crucial first two months

[/green_tick_1_list] [/content_box] [testimonial1_arial author=”Richard Olpin – IIyokwan Black Belt Academy”]“Nobody else comes close to providing such a complete package. Now if only you could come and teach my classes too…”[/testimonial1_arial]

Here are just some of the powerful
Enrolment MaX features… 




Enrolment Max Video’s

These video’s takes you deep in to the art of becoming highly effective at enrolling new members, once you’ve been through these video’s you’ll instantly feel more confident about achieving greater results!


MaX Presentation Folder

Completely customize this to make the process of presenting your programs really easy to deliver and even easier for the prospect to understand, the result more enrolments!.


G-Wave System

The G-WAVE system is a very powerful tool that gets the prospect to sell the program to themselves and motivates them to take immediate action.


Rapport Maximizer Audio

Use these 5 simple questions to instantly develop more rapport and trust, people only buy from people they like and trust.

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Enrolment MaX Manual

This manual covers everything in exact step by step actions, what to do, what to say to become an enrolment master and effortlessly enroll more members.



Benefits Sheets

These easy to use sheets enable you to uncover lots of motivating goals each person or parent wants to achieve, this is where they sell the program to themselves!


1-31 System

This sales tracking system is so easy and effective to implement my 7 year old boy could run this and achieve greater results.



Client Consultation Card

This is a real gem of a tool, this is the foundation to the success of Enrolment Max, it tie’s everything together and when used quadruple your results.


Real Customer Feedback – here’s what
others are saying…

[testimonial1_arial author=”Steve Cowley – Steve Cowley’s Martial Arts Academy”]“I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone thinking of setting up a professional academy for the first time or looking to keep at the forefront of the martial arts business”[/testimonial1_arial]

[testimonial1_arial author=”Martin & Michelle Lay – Junior Warriors”]“We have enrolled about 40 new members, which is not bad considering it’s only part-time at the moment. And this is only the beginning, so thank you again”[/testimonial1_arial]

enrolment maxx

I’ve spent years learning the worlds very best approaches and Enrolment MaX features the best of all the most effective elements.

Even if you have been running your school a while there is plenty in this program that can take you to the next level.

This system will help you simplify the enrolment process, feel more confident and in control and produce much greater results with ease.

You’ll be able to use this system to enroll lots of students in the coming months and years ahead!

I fully expect you to make your investment back within 7 days now what else can deliver results that fast!

If you want to unlock the door to more enrolments and greater profits then there is no other system on the planet that can deliver results like Enrolment MaX.



So what are you waiting for? Take action now and get access to Enrolment MaX
for the special price of only $147! (One Time Payment) (Available for a limited time only!)


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  • Enrolment MaX Enrolment Video’s
  • Enrolment MaX Manual
  • Enrolment MaX Presentation Folder
  • Enrolment MaX Benefits Sheets
  • Enrolment MaX Client Consultation Card
  • G-Wave System Plus Audio
  • Rapport Maximizer Audio
  • 1-31 System Audio

To get instant access and immediately start enrolling more new students select your preferred payment option and you’re in!

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P.S – Remember to grow your school and enjoy packed classes with paying students by enrolling more members
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