Don’t call me the “C” word

martial arts leadership

That’s right “Consultant” – I hate that word!

To many a consultant is someone who isn’t working as a school owner, maybe they failed at it badly and now claim they teach others how to be successful at what they couldn’t do and even right books on the subject!

I am not a consultant in that sense – I don’t do seminars its not my main gig.

I have too much drive and ideas to be stuck within one role.

I am an entrepenuer who has several successful businesses – this being one of the them.

What keeps me in the industry is sharing my systems, my real pleasure is getting other people results and while not everyone tells me about them.

I know I help them because very often school owners invest in a program of mine then two weeks later they are back investing in another then another.

That’s what I love – they dig my stuff – they trust my stuff.

And they get results and when you have these two things going on with students or clients then its a winning forumula.

I’ve had 4 school owners who spent over a $1000 each in the last two weeks alone – getting 3-4 programs.

Its a role I take very seriously because people are counting on me to deliver when they invest their hard earned money.

If you want to take a few useful messages from the post its this….

1.  Treat each customer as if they are the most important customer in the world

2.  Work tirelessly to help people get outstanding results

3.  Don’t settle, always be improving every single say – your curriculum, your retention, your service, your development….  Quality is everything!

I have a around 50 school owners who are my “A” grade clients they pretty much buy everything I bring out – because they believe in me and what I do – so thank you to you guys!

I get great results from what I do online and its not even my strength – I am a face to face kind of guy – I come over much better this way but I adapted and made this meduim work for me.

Now go make yours work for you!

Pride & Respect

Lee Mainprize