Dirty Tricks Exposed in Martial Arts Business

I have been saddened by the last week of events in the martial arts industry.

Let me share with you what happened….

Just over a week ago I saw a guy called Manual Cabrera picking at another character development program in a facebook group.

He is a client of Powerful Words and I often see him posting links about this program he is clearly a fan – which is fine.

A few days after this I launch my BCK Animated Character Development which I am hugely excited by.

But within minutes of me posting this on facebook – I see him posting basically that my program is not a good idea and do not buy it.

He has not used the product or seen any of the videos, so why would he make such a vindictive post?

What was just as BAD as the post was the fact Jason Silverman of Powerful Words actually liked this post encouraging this dispicable behaviour.

Which to me is just as bad as making the actual post.

Now why would someone do this – are they threatened by my new program and jealous that they have to try and shoot it down.

On the same thread even Tom Callos joined in which was hugely disappointing.

Another guy Randy Reid jumps in on the thread and makes a really childish comment “we kicked the crap out of the UK, happy 4th of July” trying to turn it into some nation v nation issue.

I could forgive a young naive guy making comments like this but a mature adult that positions himself as a leader in the industry?

The next day the same guy Randy Reid then decides to continue the dirty tricks campaign on me by posting a thread in a facebook group run by Roger Boggs – again saying in a backdoor cowardly manner my program is not a good idea.

Trying to gain support to shoot me down from some of his croonies.

I get a good sense this is now personal!

Of course I defend myself which anyone would do right?

I am a principled kind of guy who has a strong sense of what is right and wrong – this is clearly wrong and the martial arts have taught me if I am attacked I will defend myself agressively.

The martial arts have also taught me to be positive and respect other people’s work their is enough to go around without having to reduce to these kind of cynical attacks.

Then at the end of all this which is hugely hypocritical, Jason Silervman who played his part in starting and actively encouraging this poor behaviour then gets on his soap box and makes a post about how he has been so disappointed with the last week of events and the martial arts industry is better than this.

“Do as I say and not as I do” springs to mind Mr Silverman!

I challenged Mr Silverman and as soon as I did my post was removed and I was removed from the group.

I then posted a direct comment to Jason Silverman about his behaviour which was posted on his timeline – he removed my post from his timeline and did not respond.

Silence, I wonder why?

They still continue to discuss me on this group without me being able to defend myself any longer.

That’s why I wrote this post so I could reveal the truth.

I think the lesson for these so called fellow industry leaders is to focus on your own improvement rather than trying to shoot down someone else who you feel threatened by.

Bow your heads in shame this is not the kind of behaviour the martial arts industry should be setting.

This is where I draw a line about this negative affair and get back to what I do best – inspiring and helping others and being innovative, coming up with new concepts to further improve the martial arts industry.

The good news is these guys have just drawn more attention to my product launch and have helped the launch be more successful than I expected.

Here is the link to my program that has got these guys so hot and bothered –  martial arts character development program

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