Advanced Enrolment Tips For Professional Martial Arts School Owners


Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

In other words are you a talker or a listener?

The extrovert talks out loud and externalizes almost everything.

The introvert thinks before speaking.

Each personality preference has strengths and weaknesses.

For example lets focus on this in a sales environment – enrolling new students or attempting to!

We all like people like ourselves – so the challenge is not people who are like ourselves but those who are opposites this is where the challenge lies and many fail to get a positive result.

For example the extrovert is high energy and naturally likes to talk and dominate conversations.

The introvert is slower paced and is happy to listen rather than talk.

So what happens when you are faced with the opposite YOUR difficult person?

Remember if we don’t communicate how they like to be communicated to often their is no connection and no sale!

People buy from people they like.

If your an extrovert and faced with an INTROVERT….

The introvert may be sat their thinking this guy is waffling, he doesn’t give me a chance to speak and talks over me, he doesn’t listen, he’s pushy and over confident – he is too much!

If your the introvert and your faced with the EXTROVERT…

The extrovert could be sat their thinking this guy is mundane, boring, slow, has no energy and excitement how can I possibly learn from them!

So remember don’t communicate with people how you want to be communicated to, communicate with people how they prefer to be communicated to!.

This might not be your natural style so you must adapt to be able to connect – to unlock the door to many more sales – this is what a master enrolment expert does!

If you want to learn exactly how to turn these missed opportunities and wasted appointments into actual paying students and enroll many more students and grow your school then Enrolment Max will show you how to do all this and more

Work Smarter

Lee Mainprize



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