7 Habits of Success for Martial Arts School Owners

Why is it that some schools seem to achieve a lot more success than others?

Why are some schools struggling along with a handful of students whilst other schools seem to flourish with lots of students?

In recent years martial arts has become much more commercialized, this has undoubtedly seem a rise in the Mcdojo or belt factory as some like to put it.

Putting these aside there are lots of schools that are achieving success in all areas including an increase in student success and standards.

This has also seen the rise of wealthy martial arts instructors as a result of running a successful school.

The successful martial arts schools have certain things in common; here we identify the core principles of these successful martial arts school.

1. They attract a consistent flow of new students

Most businesses close within the first 3 years of trading because of lack of customers, martial arts is no different; there are many great instructors without any students to teach.

Lots of instructors either do nothing to attract new students or only do something when things aren’t looking so good.

Successful schools attract new students each month, even if you have great student retention you will still loose students.

Having an organized and well orchestrated marketing campaign will ensure your business thrives.

2. They keep their existing students.

It’s no good if your new students are coming in through the front door and then leaving just as fast out the back door, if you are always looking for the next great advert you could be constantly running on the mouse wheel.

The key is to build life long relationships with your students built on trust and respect.

Some schools seem to revel in the fact that they keep students at lower belt ranks, as the underlings of the school.

If your students are not progressing through exciting lessons, it won’t be long before they are looking for a different activity.

3. They have well designed curriculum

A martial arts curriculum should be like a pyramid turned upside down, less material for students to learn at the beginning and much more material at the top.

However most schools are the other way around they overwhelm beginners and expect too much from them causing a high number of dropouts, and when a student gets through all this and achieves the coveted black belt, they then find out there is less to learn, twiddling their thumbs for 6 months having to learn just one new form.

A good curriculum should motivate your students and not discourage them by its design.

4. They have developed consistent ways of doing things

Are your successful months limited to just a handful?

Successful schools achieve consistent results month after month, how?

They have found certain ways of doing things and systemizing them so instead of achieving results based on the way they feel, they achieve results based on what they have found works best time after time, these include telephone, enrollment, marketing and  teaching procedures, often laid down in manuals to follow.

5. They measure their schools results and progress

If I was given a pound for every instructor that said “we hardly loose any students” I would not need to work!  Let’s put it to the test!

How many students did you have one year ago?

How many students have you enrolled in the last 12 months?

How many students do you have now?

This tells you how many student you have lost!

Are you surprised?

Keeping statistics of your school’s performance are essential, like the dials in a planes cockpit, they tell the pilot how much fuel he has, and how high he is flying, the wind direction and strength, his flight plan tells him which direction to go in and so on.

How comfortable would you be getting a plane with a pilot that had none of this information? and he flew the plane on how he thought it was operating, alarm bells would ring right!

Keeping statistics helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business, it helps identify weaknesses that you can work on and rectify; best of all statistics tell you how your business is performing in black and white, statistics never lie.

6. They set goals and put all their energy into achieving them

Ever tried to hit something that’s not their to hit? its impossible, we know how important it is to help our students set goals, running your school is no different.

Setting goals helps you have a direction and an outcome in mind, all you do then is break the goal down into small pieces and get to work, putting first things first.  Your goals could be to have a certain number of students, develop a certain number of black belts, achieve a certain income etc.

The very best school owners have clear cut goals as long as 5 years ahead, with yearly goals, monthly and daily income goals.  To achieve a high level of success you must have goals.

7. The Head Instructor is always training and advancing his knowledge

The head sets the pace of the school, even if it’s just you teaching.  They are constantly adding to their knowledge base in all areas; martial arts, personal development, and business.

They are thirsty for more, they recognize that to become more successful they have to know more and be able to think differently.

Progressing and learning helps to keep your motivational juices flowing and this affects your energy levels, your students can tell if you are learning.  Successful head instructors are always looking to improve their curriculum and systems, never allowing things to slide.

Lee Mainprize


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