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andy norman keysi fighting method
“I highly recommend Lee Mainprize’s business systems I use them in all my schools, he has the experience and know how to help any school owner become more successful”

Andy Norman
Leading Hollywood Fight Choreographer (Batman, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Clash of the Titans….)
Defence Lab Founder

enrollment martial arts

Enrolment Max

Learn how to effortlessy turn 8 out of 10 appointments into actual paying students with ease, you could call it the art of selling without selling!

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martial arts upgrade system

Upgrade Max

This is the system of all systems, a super system. If you want to unlock the door to gaining ultra committed students that achieve Black Belt and beyond then this is foundation of any ultra successful martial arts school.

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martial arts curriculum

Curriculum Pro

Its a fact all top school owners teach mixed/multi style curriculums which ensures they get well paid and keep students for years.  Lee shares his complete teaching system which enabled helped him to achieve amazing success!

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Success Club

Learn the foundations of Lee’s strategies.  Martial arts business, marketing , retention systems, income generation strategies and more.  Exact steps and specific directions to help you be more successful with your martial arts school – you’d don’t have to have capital or be a great martial artist to succeed.

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Martial Arts Life Skills

Success For Life

The secret to running a great kids program is having a powerful Life Skills program to establish your school as the #1 educational facility, this program will enable you to increase add instant credibility, boost retention and enjoy packed kids classes!

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martial arts curriculum

Curriculum Pro

Its a fact all top school owners teach mixed/multi style curriculums which ensures they get well paid and keep students for years.  Lee shares his complete teaching system which enabled helped him to achieve amazing success!

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Martial Arts Internet marketing


Internet Marketing System


The internet is where school owners are getting the best results attracting new students, start generating dominating Google and gain lots of traffic to your website to enroll more new students without even leaving your dojo!

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Martial Arts Email Marketing

Email Marketing Scripts

The internet is the easiest, fastest low cost marketing on that planet for getting new students, your website is the key and by sending each visitor a targeted email will ensure your appointment diary is busier than its ever been.

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martial arts blogging marketing

Martial Arts Blogging Kit

Blogging is the key to harnessing social media and generating more traffic to your website – this is a done for your kit that takes out all the hard work and delivers awesome results!

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close combat curriculum

Close Combatives Curriculum


Close Combat Curriculum is where sport ends and no BS street survival tactics begin!  Offer a real proven self protection program in your school.

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Boxing Training

Boxing Curriculum – Lethal Fists

The best martial artists have all studies boxing and applied it to their art, become part  of this elite clique of real masters with this training.

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QUALITY is what the Institute of Martial Arts Professionals is all about…

I’ve taken all my martial arts business and marketing systems, strategies and techniques… and… I’m now making them available to a limited number of school owners so they can experience the same success I have.

Finally, you’ll be able to build a 6-figure school without having to make all the mistakes I did, without wasting years of your time, or struggling to re-create the wheel.

That’s why I created The Institute of Martial Arts Professionals — so you don’t have to keep working a day-job you hate or struggle to make ends meet with an average school.

Here are just some of things my program’s can help you achieve.

  • How to grow your school to 250+ members (even if you have less than 50 students today).
  • How to make 6 figures in annual income from your school — AFTER expenses!
  • How to create a successful martial arts school you can be proud of. (You’ll never have to compromise your values or the quality of your teaching.)
  • How to make a positive difference in your community by changing people’s lives for the better.

Sceptical? You should be!

There are a lot of so-called “experts” out there who are only too happy to make big promises they can’t deliver on.

With that in mind, it’s important for you to know that the ONLY reason I make these promises is because I’ve already achieved these results myself… and… I’ve helped many other school owners do the same.

Take advantage of years of trial and error I went through to learn how to run a successful and profitable martial arts business.  Check out his full program catalogue, jam packed with new ideas and techniques that deliver results.  These programs are the best on the planet for getting you the success you want.

Martial Arts Business Expert

“Mainstructor has given me a lot of new ideas to take our academy to the next stage of it’s growth. We have just started to role out the SFL programme and it’s a great hit with the parents. I think they love being apart of their child’s development. A great website with all the information you will ever need as a school owner.”

-Joanne Usowicz – Rick Dubidat Blackbelt Academy

“I have just joined MAinstructor after 10 years of teaching in the Martial Arts. So far the material I am receiving almost daily has been very valuable to the growth of my school. The thing that separates MAinstructor is that it is fresh information it hasn’t been recycled over and over. All Instructors/School Owner would benefit from signing up to MAinstructor.”

-Andy Crittenden - Andy Crittenden's Martial Arts Centre

“ has provided me with the guidance to take my school to the next level. New teaching concepts and fresh cutting edge ideas keep flowing. Keep up the good work!”

-Chris Beaumont - U.D.F. Martial Arts Academy

“ is an excellent resource tool for both new and experienced instructors/school owners. Information on the site is constantly updated and there are always plenty of new ideas for growing your school and taking it to the next level.

“MAinstructor is not only about growing your school, however, there is the training section which has plenty of exciting drills and skills to motivate and therefore retain your existing students and the instructor section that gives you ideas and articles on how to improve your classroom communication. I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to take their school to the next level”

-Tony Davis - Total Dojo

“I have always tried to keep up to date with the latest developments in martial arts business systems and came across the MAInstructor site following an e-mail. What a great site! I would thoroughly recommend this site to anyone thinking of setting up a professional academy for the first time or looking to keep at the forefront of the martial arts business”

-Steve Cowley - Steve Cowley's Martial Arts Academy

“Just want to say fantastic resource and service centre and excellent value. Keep up the great work."

-Nick Pamment - Taishindo Martial Arts Academy

“I started teaching shotokan part-time in 1969, turned pro with a full-time dojo in 1980 using other martial arts business associations. Teamed up with you guys recently and think you are the best.”

-Jim Fraser - Ancrum Karate

“The personal services are what impressed me the most. It’s clear that you not only know what you’re talking about but more importantly that you care about your clients too. Nobody else comes close to providing such a complete package. Now if only you could come and teach my classes too…”

-Richard Olpin - IIyokwan Black Belt Academy

“Since subscribing 2 months ago, we have opened 3 new classes (satellite) and have about 40 new members, which is not bad considering it’s only part-time at the moment. And this is only the beginning, so thank you again to the whole team”

-Martin & Michelle Lay - Junior Warriors